Communication , The Art of sharing ideas & facts : By Bhavna Gupta

Communication is the core of our existence, we express our feelings,  our needs through communication it is a process of, creating ideas sharing information facts, and emotions. it is key for the functions of the business.

The Power of Communication :


communication is a very beautiful word, which originates from the Latin word, communication, or communicare  means to share,the  oldest form of communication was nonverbal . in the form of cave paintings, representing syllables after that was pictograms then ideograms, the first form of writing was cuneiform developed by the Sumerians then  Egyptians developed hieroglyphic writing,

interestingly the early cavemen expressed their thoughts and feeling with fire, smoke, whistling, and making different sounds. of course, this form of communication was restricted to time  Early Africans used drumming to communicate with people at a distance. in fact, this method of  communication was  banned in the US as the  slaves used this form  for communication and the masters were unable to understand the codes.Modern communication was invented by Alexander graham bell, the telephone, the telegraph, the radio,  television & audio video digital inventions have revolutionized the way humans communicated.

The mother of all communication is Shannon Weaver who integrated these concepts of information into messages, signals, transmitters, information destination, and encoding decoding errors.

The 5 essential elements of communication are sender: receiver: content: message channel, Feedback, fluent communication is based on 7c of communication, which is Clear,  Correct, Concise, concrete, coherent, complete, and courteous.This essentially means the dialogue or the written message we share with others must be clear, concise with complete information for our mutual understanding so as to avoid any assumptions and create miscommunication & misunderstanding.

The first spoken language was Sanskrit but Tamil maybe even older.

The first word was AA, Today globally English has become a popular language. It is the official language of 52 countries,104 countries have many native speakers, there are 340 million  English language speakers, the 2 most important words are I and you, English is one of the happiest languages in the world.The ability to communicate well in one or many languages provides confidence, and as result potentially has positive outcomes.

A quality way to communicate :


A quality way to communicate happens when your patterns of cognitive thinking skills thoughts and behavior are positive or trained to create a positive experience by the use of neuro-linguistic programming.
In a face to face communication, visual communication or any verbal communication Body language plays a good part in quality communication, body language means our body posture, eye movements, hand gesture, face expressions matters a lot to communicate with others in a nonverbal manner and conveys, trust, pleasantness or may add confusion or an unpleasant feeling.

Good communication is an Art:


So good communication is an Art. it is an  integration of words, body, and Mind,
Communication is the Foundation of image and etiquette, good business practice that leads to success.
It takes on average, with some basic English knowledge  3months to learn and speak English fluently.
 At GETCRR LLP we endeavor to teach the Art of communication in English blending all the skills so that, at the workplace, as an Employer or Employee or in any Business environment you excel and achieve a favorable outcome.
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