Goal Setting : By Bhavna Gupta

Why is goal setting important in your life.

Have you ever booked a flight or a train ticket without putting the name of the final destination you want to travel? Definitely not. When you undertake a journey, you have a purpose to reach a certain destination.

A goal, is an intent, a purpose   with a desired result that you want to achieve. If you have no desired outcome to achieve weather short term or long term or any sphere of life then you are depressed or leading a vegetable existence.  So without a goal life is meaningless.  It’s important to set the goals or the purpose in life.

The purpose of humans is to live and let live, Serve family, have good relations with your loved ones and a step higher would be to serve mankind.

Have you seen around that even nature has a goal? Its worth thinking! They blend in to serve the creative factors to nurture the fertility of the earth. Without which we would have starved, grains, the vegetables, the fruits are all  product of the fertile nature. Look around you will see that nature has a time bound season, day and night.

Which is the result of rotation and revolution of the earth on its orbit around the sun? So the purpose of the mother nature to serve us, we need sunlight for the day and the night for the rest so day and night is created, and it’s the rotation of the mother earth that causes the Day and Night, we need seasons, summer, rainfall, winters, each season has its own benefits and purpose and it’s the revolution that creates it.

Life without a goal is meaningless it’s depressing; on the other hand a life with a goal is meaningful, even in the worst obstruction you feel like fighting for to reach your goal.

So how do you make a goal, is a dream, a passion a target you want to achieve or excel in different spheres in life social, personal, career. You have short term goal and long term goals  .

let me narrate a  real life incident in 2001 I had an accident with no signs of injury outside, I went to work and lived a normal life at home  for 7 days, only feeling a lot more weak on the 7th day I collapsed  and was rushed to the hospital unconscious ,  the only time I   felt myself is seeing my own  body in pain and as if I am visualizing myself from above , and fighting to be alive for I was in that state of mind desperate to see my little girls the next time I opened my self was on a hospital bed , hearing faintly somebody saying the chances are a fade  for her survival “ whatever it may have been  my physical condition .

I was  fighting with myself  to get up and go home and see my little girls . My personal goal for that immediate time was to meet my kids. If I did not have a goal to meet my kids, probably I would have succumbed to my internal injuries.

Later on I got to know there was some complications during the surgery and the Doctors thought , they lost me  and later I discovered  I had an out of body experience due to excruciating pain , well I survived and recovered and in 2004 had my third girl child.

In fact that’s the precise reason we see that in movies the heroes never die and can fight back a huge number as they have a goal to accomplish.

Which is so great in desire that even after several bullets they manage to live? In our personal lives we all have goal but we must be aware of it, analyze it and work for it.

The setting & analyzing of goal is important as they provide, guidance, direction, planning and they should be our strength and inspire us to perform under difficult circumstances.

As a person you grow while you achieve your goals ,  you are more clear so as a result your body language is more positive, you are able to  add value to your time, you get rid of procrastination , live for the future , make on time decision , take  care of yourself , while making goals  the right technique is to make  SMART goals , Each  of these alphabets with a huge  meaning:

S specific, which means one should classify and define their goal, must have a clear idea of what to achieve

M for measurable, you should be able to measure how much you have to attain, perform to achieve the goal

A stands for how much of the goal is achievable and how much is realistic.

R means it must be relevant, to you and achieving it must create a good feeling and wellbeing for you

T is time bound, the goal must be attained within a time to serve its purpose..


Goals should not be unrealistic or something you don’t know how to achieve, for example if  a school teacher, living in a rented house  with a salary of Rs 40000/-and want to buy a house of 2 .5million Euro  in Greece in   its not possible   even  in 5 years, so it’s not effective. If you aim that high amount then you have to add an action or an activity which can help you to achieve it unless in this case the teacher  changes his profession or takes action of how to generate that amount, like sell his assets, in this case the teacher concerned also lived in a rented property or it’s simply not attainable. Hence in this case the Goal was not smart, it was not relevant, not attainable. We must keep in mind that the 5(SMART) ingredients blend into form the success, if any ingredient is not matching then there is no outcome. Its waste of time and one gets into depression and negativity.

What is the feeling when you achieve your goal?

When you achieve your goals you are not only happy but you feel successful.   Short term goals constantly change & are multiple in nature, like health, marriage, family goals, Academic goals, getting a job, a higher ranking or  a business goal. but long term goal can be irrespective of the short term goals, there  can be also life term goals .After setting goals we must put a time limit to achieve.. Goals are action based, where you need to take some action to achieve it, some are performance based but most importantly you must be motivated towards attaining the goals.

How to achieve the goal

There are techniques to achieve everything, if you set up a goal, obviously you want to achieve it which means you must be able to follow a technique to help you  successfully achieve it t should be a smart goal,  we have discussed the parameters of a SMART goal.

Here is the technique to make a goal statement

1, write down your goal

  1. It should be in positive, which means the goals must be set as follow, if you are overweight and you want to reduce, you must set the goal to say, “I want to reduce 5 kg of my body weight in 30 days”

Not “I don’t want to be fat” you cannot put your limiting belief  to work out a goal , remember we attract what we  resist more, so while setting the goal , it must be in positive language. So instead of “ I don’t want to get fat” pl say I want to reduce 5 kg” say positive and say numbers which can be measured.

  1. Time must be defined

Example a goal set up by a company must be “We want to reach Rs 10 lakh order this November 2021” or” within this 30 days” but not   not we want to do a huge sales this month.

3 write down the tools needed

You must set up the tools to achieve the goals example,, to reach 1 million sales  which may be a hike of 50 %  of the budget , need more manpower’s.

More lead generation?

Need staff to call the additional leads?

Need the stock of goods?

Need the tie up and the logistics to deliver the goods

Do you have enough time to generate the leads and  close them within 30 days.

need client services to handle complaints.

Consider the SWOT  strength , weakness ,opportunity and threats  and the PEST, political ,economic, social and technology  analysis  t o  make a proper strategy what do you need. After the Pest and the SWOT  you can come up with a  strategy  & can lay down the requirements of your tools,.

Once you have the tools you need to do the operation which means you have to start implementing within the stipulated time.  As your goals were to achieve the target within the time. So keeps a record of how much you want to achieve per day and how is your day progressing,

Of course there may be areas when you will cross the time or have multiple problems achieving it but if  you are motivated , and work out then  you will be able to  achieve it , may be the time taken will be more but will not be a failure.

Lets  look into a case study , I met a young  lady at a seminar who was talking on Digital Marketing ,  when I saw her she did not make much impact but once she went to the dais and started her speech  I got to know her she was WOW , she was motivating , she shared how at the age of 17 she was diagnosed with brain Cancer, while in hospital  bed she  decided she needs  another chance in to make the most of it ,inspire & connect with people beyond boundaries.  This motivation led her fight out the cancer, get completely cured. She connected with people beyond.

boundaries shared her story of success to fight out the cancer and inspired many, She then decided to monetize her excellent communication skill so started learning digital marketing on line, she set up her startup company called Digital Dronachariya, she does a monthly billing of several lakhs now and has a starting salary of Rs 60k for new entrants. So this daring young lady set a very high goal for herself to connect to the world & inspire.

She had a goal in life,  which was specific, measurable, she wanted to connect to people across the world and inspire with her story of winning over cancer, was difficult to Attain but she battled for it , it was relevant to her circumstances and  was time bound.

For the tools she used social media as her tools shared blogs, put her stories on social media, which she also monetized at a later date by opening a company for the same..

Her goal was to inspire people, Her tools were the digital media to connect people beyond boundaries by which she shared her story, her goal for herself was to inspire others to fight cancer & also further monetized her goal to reward herself. She went on to form a startup company for, where she assists other people in their digital communication and marketing.  She set up a time which is to also used her talent to help other companies and promoted employment, she is a job creator, a motivator and a mentor to many youths ..  Her goal was very high for someone whose life was at a halt.  When she did get a chance she did not procrastinate, she kept up to it .

Thus goal needs to be SMART.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Rules for goal setting

Break down tour goals, personal, family, career &social

Create SMART goals for each

Write down if the criteria’s are all Smart in nature

Make a time Table chart

List the tools you need

Monitor your developments

If  there is slow development pl check why is slow

Check your diary, to monitor growths,

Hire a Mentor or a Personal trainer for better results.


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