Personal Image & Soft Skills Development.

Be A PRO in Appearance, Body Language, Communication, Diversity Inclusion, Ethics and  Etiquettes.

The course is designed to bring international standards of education in the field of  Professional Image Consulting & Soft Skills Development. Create a powerful, positive everlasting impression and more opportunity for yourself.

Image management


To make every candidate confident with Positive Self Image & who can create their own success stories.

Highlights of the Course:
- Personal Coaching is provided in India on a Hybrid model.
- 30 hours of learning Highly Proficient Trainer.
- Increases Employability & Entrepreneurial Skills.
- The HEURIT Training (70 HRS) in Dubai will be an interactive.
- Practical approach to the course Professional Meetings & networking.
- Complimentary mentoring for 1 year.

Brief Description of Course:

Image Management

After the completion of the Module the candidate can craft an image which is in alignment of their personality and looks

Duration : 4Hr +

Belief system & Behaviors

Understanding how your belief system creates an enhanced behavior pattern, instills a sense of confidence, resilience, purpose and connection to others
Duration : 4Hr +


Develop excellence in communication skills, and develop an ability to team work efficiently with others

Duration : 8Hrs +

Diversity, Equity And Inclusivity

The candidates will l learn how to think your self and others as equal and learn to mineralize macro and micro difference nationally, ethnicity, caste, sex, disability , political perspectives religion, Learn to promote equality, justice, impartiality , fairness ensure those that are diverse feel welcomed and participate fully in desicion making and development whether at work, home or social surroundings

Duration : 3 Hrs +


Enhances relationships at work and home, develops respect for others. Improves your non verbal communication creates a branding for yourself, promotes business growth, creates an influence on others around you

Duration : 7 Hrs +

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Will demonstrate an ability to engage in critical thinking by analyzing situations and constructing and selecting viable solutions to solve problems

Duration : 4 Hrs +

Director's Message

"We Make You World Ready"

Image Management teaches you to carefully craft an image which is in alignment with your personality and looks. You learn how to improve your physical and professional looks, communication skills, interpersonal skills and help to project a holistic public image. Become a global citizen."

Faculty & Partners

“Bhavna Gupta 25+ years experience, Author,
International Business Consultant, Masters NLP
Practitioner, Image Coach. Director GETCRR, Ex
Chairperson of Aspire College of Higher Education.”

Bhavna Gupta

“Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP President, International Image Institute Inc.
Past-President, Association of Image Consultants International.”

Karen Brunger

“Janvi Menghani- Facial Aesthetics, NSFA 
PMU Artist, Expertise in Clinical Cosmetics,Nutraceutica Trichology,
Bariatric Science.Advance  Cosmetology (VLCC & IHB).” Dubai

Janvi Menghani

“Dr. Rajesh from Sharda- DEAN UIIC( UniversityIndustry Innovation Centre)
A division of the Industry Integration Cell of


Dr. Rajesh

Who must take this course?


If you make a decision then this course is bound to make a difference in your life. The personal coaching will help you to focus on your desired results. You will be more confident , have more resilience and establish the credibility to win.

Success is 30 % hard (core) skill and 70% soft skill. Hard skills definitely demonstrate your experience and understanding of a particular, measurable ability, soft skills indicate your ability to implement & team work with others to grow together with the company.

Soft skills enable you to build relationships and solve crisis & use your hard skills to their full extent.

There are assessments after every module and the course follows strict guidance, for doing the assessments. A heuristic process is applied during the overseas travel.

The training in India is a personal coaching so a to get the best output from candidates. The travel
overseas are done in groups.

During the trip you get familiar with various institutions, The Practicals are placed in a way, to improve, Your work ethics, attitude, communication skills, emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes that the soft skills  are crucial for career success,you will get first hand experience. Our certificates will be awarded only after you successfully complete the courses, In an International destination , It is Dubai for the Year 2022-2023 While your technical skills may get you the job , your people skills will open most of the doors.


– Firstly since you are reading through this, It means you are interested. Remember knowledge is power & practice makes perfection. so be rest assured with practicals & knowledge you will develop and reach your desired results.

Definitely worth the effort. With these soft skills you can excel as a leader. Problem solving, delegating, motivating, and team building are all much easier if you have good soft skills.

Knowing how to get along with people – and displaying a positive attitude – are crucial for success. Your personality(Image) projects your excellence in your soft skills Interestingly:

A-There is a big difference between watching on Youtube and having a coach with you to physically guide you.

– Sometimes without guidance and proper analysis the plans we make turn out to be ill crafted. Once we have a well crafted plan , A & B and a contingency plan we are bound to succeed. It takes less than 7 seconds to make an impression of ourselves.

So our first impression should always project a winning image of ourselves. This helps us in getting jobs, as an investor, as a social influencer, in our social life and in our professional life. A professional image management course can help in projecting this image successfully.

Hence we understand we need to create and manage our Image, which will inculcate in you the winning skills for success and ability to lead as entrepreneurs. These are a part of our people skills, emotional intelligence, and cognitive components of our belief system, these skills need to be nurtured, learnt & practiced.

Once mastered they bring out the best in us and even in worst case scenarios it helps to change the situations around us. It cannot be just learnt but ideally through real life practice. We provide you with those Real Life scenarios in our Masters training Overseas.

5 Day Heuristic Course in Dubai

Outcome of the Master Classes, Heuristic Learnings: In Dubai

You will be able to break down the learnings of Image management into a Realized Action.

You will develop more People skills through the practice diversity inclusion, teamwork, leadership, networking. Have more self awareness , and  further improve on your weakness. You will have a tremendous improvement on your listening skills , develop empathy , your communication skills will improve to a greater level , People will begin to trust you more , you can be a better influencer . More Career opportunities are likely to come your way.

You will Practice different Etiquettes related to. Workplace etiquette,Table manners and Dining etiquette,Communication etiquette.Meetings & Networking Etiquette. Understanding  the significance of how etiquette helps and reflects on your personality.

Develop Emotional Intelligence Behavior in building relationships, reducing team stress, defusing conflict and improving negotiations skills.

Communication skills: (verbal, nonverbal, kinesics & Chronemix) Learn and imply  negotiation and persuasion skills, handle Crisis management. improve confidence and understanding , mitigate conflict , have increased engagement at different levels,improve productivity and improved  client satisfaction.

Appearance & clothing: You will learn how to carefully choose what to wear for every occasion, how to access accessories. understand how dressing plays a significant role and is an instant language.

Award Function: The Award function is fully earned  by you through your hard work, successful assignments and assessments hence it will provide  immense confidence.

Dubai Arrival, Meet and Greet, transfer to HOTEL
Networking . You learn the Art of fast networking , with guests over dinner.

Dubai Breakfast at Hotel.09:00-09:30 Pick up from Hotel Lobby for Dubai city tour covering the scenic beauty of Dubai. seeing the important and popular iconic structures & Government buildings. The familiarization trip of Dubai will provide an in-depth knowledge of the city. There will be Drop back at the hotel. 1845-1900 Pickup from Hotel Lobby for Dhow Cruise with onboard entertainment & Drop back at the hotel. Overnight at Hotel,

Heuristics : Dhow Cruise will hold a mock bash, which will require extempore
speaking. Dinner etiquette.

Dubai Breakfast at Hotel. 09:30 pick up for Foreign Universities tour.14:00-14:30 Pick up from Hotel Lobby for Desert Safari includes Dune Bashing, Arabic dates, Camel Riding, Henna for Ladies, Belly Dancing and Tanoura Dance with BBQ dinner. Drop back at the hotel. Overnight at Hotel 

Heuristics: Talent show. Each candidate gets an opportunity to display their talent . 

Dubai Breakfast at Hotel. Visit to Dubai Economic Department & A free Zone for briefing on Company Formation Overnight at Hotel 

Heuristics: idea on Entrepreneurial qualities development , corporate communication & etiquette 

Certificate Award Ceremony on different criteria.




A heuristic training technique is an approach of learning for the Professional Certification program in Image management & Soft skills Development, that uses a practical method or various live presentations, demonstrations, net working and even travels to create an optimal environment, which is extremely effective.

Professional development courses are often taken by Learners who would like to keep confidentiality protocols . Besides different persons have different learning capability and level. More Personal attention can be provided during sessions conducted with individual learner. Personal Coaching session is known to have a powerful, positive impact on self-confidence, wellness, and work performance.

For Individuals The first 30 hours will be personal Coaching  at the Office Premises in Delhi NCR, you can schedule your visits with prior appointments. This can be spread across   30 to 60 days  to finish the course. Duration of each class is  2 is hours.

Hybrid learning  model in which  the learner can  do  physical classes and  some classes online, live  wit h the Faculty.

All the Overseas Trips will be in Groups , where the learner has reached a certain level and is ready to develop Team skills or group skills. 

Yes assignments  are mandatory, will be provided for every modules and the Certification will be based on it.

Yes there will be written assessments based on which certification will be provided.


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