Image consultancy : By Bhavna Gupta

Your Image matters.


“Prima Facie” a Latin maxim which translates to ‘based on first impression.


In life, first impressions play an important role. It is exceptional to find someone willing to change their mind about you. Your initial interaction with someone can produce an everlasting memory, and clothes are a crucial factor in this respect. Not everyone you meet is someone with whom you’ll exchange words. However, it is still imperative to leave an impressionable mark on them. It simply does not matter what you wear, how you carry yourself in those clothes.

Clothes are a representation of yourself that people can see externally. You do not have to explain your choice of clothes to others, just as you would not justify your life choices to every new individual you meet. How they choose to perceive you is not in your control, but you do have the ability to choose what aspect of yourself you wish to bring attention to. The way you decide to express yourself is not subject to someone else scrutiny but rather as a form of acceptance of who you are and how you put yourself forward.

Self-exploration is also a great outcome of finding out different styles that best represent you. The experiences you go through in life help to change and evolve your mind as they happen. People change their perception of themselves multiple times throughout their lives, and in that journey, there is no wrong answer. Who you were yesterday may not be whom you chose to be today. What you wear today may not represent whom you become tomorrow. The idea in life is to keep discovering what it is that makes you. However, there are several factors which stops you in taking the right action about your wardrobe, make over or even changes in the way you talk and walk, and a professional support is always welcome.

What do image consultants do?

This is 21st century, there is a need to be more professional just knowledge and information is not enough, you need to look speak and carry yourself to make an impact on others. Your looks, behaviors and posture will carry a personal statement.

  It is a 360 degree effort required in how you project your clients’ image aligning with their core values.

An image consultant guides, mentors, educates trains people to manage their conduct, communication, appearance, clothing, body language, etiquettes  in dining  &social  and creates a very positive and powerful first impact & teaches you to avoid business and social etiquettes blunders.

Image consultants   helps in providing  solutions by providing solutions , advice as  needed  to improve the communication strategies, sense of dressing up,  body language,  what is the right protocol of greeting , other  corporate protocols based on roles and also occasions, Image consultants knows the appropriate clothes to be worn for an occasions. Over an d above they train their clients to feel more confident, more result oriented and hold an appropriate image, Most of the clients for Image consultants are politicians, executives, socialites and celebrities, entrepreneurs, social media celebrities, aspiring celebrities, socialites, aspiring housewives. Executives, youths going abroad to study, or  those relocating  in a new larger city or abroad, after marriage or on a promotion or higher studies.

An image consultant charge on average Rs 3000 per hour onwards. For a certified consultant & a soft skill trainer the possibilities are immense. It is an exciting, rewarding and a challenging career with an excellent scope of growth, once should be ready to travel a, problem solver, ready to handle uncomfortable situations with grace.

How do you start your career as an image consultant?

Attend workshop and take related courses. Earn a certificate in Image Consultancy, get related job experience, choose an area of specialization, improve your network, build an excellent portfolio, develop partnership & collaborations, find your niche, so if someone is a stylist work and knows best how to combine new trends with the personal style of an individual, can work on colors & styles find somebody who is more proficient in soft skills, so you can combine strengths.

What can you expect from a course in Image consultancy ,  this is very important to know , so  the learning modules will cover ,  360 degree aspect of appearance, social , Aesthetical aspect like well groomed, well dressed behavioral aspect are the social , corporate  dinning , social media etiquettes , and physical  aspect which covers health and weight and also psychological aspect like a positive mental Attitude, right body language  & feeling good and looking good factors which is easily termed as Appearance management . The whole purpose is to create an excellent & a lasting  impression


Why EDP course or entrepreneurship course in Image Consultancy.

The role of an image consultant is challenging and responsible, weather you are working or in your individual capacity as an Image Consultant, EDP course teaches you the dynamism involved in the entrepreneurship career.  You learn all aspect of Entrepreneurship Management which becomes an important tool and asset for you in the long run. You get equipped with   Feasibility plan, Marketing Strategy, Operational Process, and a Contingency plan. Many ask me why a contingency Plan, it is always a must, and especially the Covid circumstances are a good case study for all of us. When unprecedented circumstances arise and all plans fail A,B,C  then you need that extra ordinary plan to pull you through the period ideally a 180 days contingency plan must be always made, you must be  on your guard, unless its  force majeure condition, but still  as an Entrepreneur you must  strategies for minimum damages.

So join the course EDP certification in Image Consultancy, and be World ready.

First impression is most of the time the last impression, so how we look ,  carry ourselves in terms of clothes, shoes , how we maintain our hair , skin and nails , how we speak, how we  greet, everything makes up the impression , this  forms an opinion of  oneself in others mind ,  this is important to convey to others what kind of person we are, we communicate to  others of our internal being through these outward verticals.

So our first impression should always project a winning image of ourselves. This helps us in getting jobs, as an investor, as a social influencer, in our social life and in our professional life. An image consultant can help in projecting this image successfully.
An image consultant works with clients to carefully craft an image which is in alignment of their personality and looks. An image consultant works to improve the clients physical and professional looks, communication skills, interpersonal skills and helps to project a holistic public image. An image consultant is a personal stylist and a personal shopper, predicts designs, colors and style in wardrobe, suggests right outfits, works on creating winning habits.  The image consultant also advises in social behavior, clothing & a variety of other settings.
.A trained and certified image consultant has an endless possibility in this era of urbanization.  Our EDP certification course in Image Consulting provides a huge scope to our learners to take up this an  career option
We further hold your hands and develop a niche for you , we assist with your business plans, marketing collaterals and registration. Our Trainers are certified and has   worked outside India for several years. 

Our Learning management system will track the progress of the students and keep track of the graduated students from this course. GETCRR LLP will also provide mentorship to the young course graduates. 

To know more about the EDP refer to the video: EDP VIDEO

The 7 days EDP certification program in Image Consulting will be a 30 hour theory and 20 hours of practical class. The classroom setting will provide more interactive sessions, where our highly trained trainers will be able to interact with students on an individual basis to bring out the best in each candidate, analyze and fill the gap. In addition we are providing a nail extension program. On the final day, there is an online Assessment on successful completion. You will receive a certificate which is certified by the NIMSME, an organization of the Ministry Of MSME, Government of India.

What kind of Entrepreneurship and career choice do our students get after the Certification course?
Please find below a range of Career Choice after this course.


Who is eligible for the course? If you  are good in marketing and fashion, you like to make others look good and improve their image in social events or train  those who lack  the style , then this is the course ideal for you .


  • Entrepreneurship concept and micro labs
  • Enterprise Management
  • Achievement of the Desired Goal
  • Regulating the operation of the Enterprise
  • Effective Planning POSDC Factors


  • A power Pact day with themes & styles.
  • Art and science of making a first impression.
  • Relevance of Image consulting in today’s society.
  • Communicate to impress.
  • Develop soft skills for better results.
  • Clothes Power, Art in Everyday Dressing and Personal Style.
  • Face Shape Evaluation and impact of Make-up and Accessories.


  • A Glam Day out 
  • Wardrobe:  Evaluate, Organize and Shopping

DAY 4- 

  • Body Language 
  • Personal Grooming
  • {Hygiene and Make over}
  • Nail Extension

DAY 5 

  • Learn common Social, Dining Corporate & Dining Etiquette
  • Interview Skills
  • Time and Stress Management Event

(Through organized   events, with judges and camera rolling, you got to perform}


  • Train the Trainer
  • How to Identify Business Opportunities 
  • Assessment of Training and Delivery Skills

Day 7

  • Assessment and Feedback

Is this a good time for an EDP training?

‘Amidst the current pandemic situation one Question that ploys in everyone’s mind is “Is this the right time to get into a new profession”? History has shown that some of the most Successful and wealthiest people in the world Became so because of the investments they making during a crisis is the safest investment is the investment you make on yourself. Moreover we provide you the heads up and hold your hands to start the chapter of Entrepreneurship. We register you under MSME to kick start your business and share a commercial viable business model customized just for you.

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